Learn to Work & Work to Learn


实习加强和扩展学生的学习到专业的工作环境. 任何专业或任何职业兴趣的学生都可以完成实习. 完成学分实习可以用来满足专业要求, minor, distinction, or general education requirements.

确定和申请相关的实习机会, 学生可以依靠自己的人脉, consult Krulak Institute staff, or access Handshake, 一个连接雇主和潜在实习生的在线数据库. Students typically complete an internship in one of two ways: enrolling in an internship course or contracting an individualized internship experience.

Why participate in an internship?

  • Identify talents. Spot and develop aptitudes by working alongside seasoned professionals and innovative thinkers as they address authentic problems and projects.
  • Build networks. Connect with others who share your interests and find out how to build the relationships that matter for your ongoing professional development.
  • Clarify interests. Gain clarity about what work you enjoy and what type of career you might want to pursue following graduation.
  • Challenge yourself. Test your abilities by stretching outside your comfort zone and stepping up to challenges and opportunities just beyond your current reach.


How do I complete an internship?

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Build a profile on Handshake, a professional networking site, 它突出了学术成就和课外活动. 与威尼斯安卓版连接的公司可以看到配置文件.

Update your individual Handshake profile as soon as possible to explore job and internship postings.



Work with a faculty sponsor to contract and earn credit for an internship in any field or area, such as health professions, law, business, publishing, or human resources.

Identify an internship placement the term prior to the term you want an internship; contracts are due at registration.

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Enroll in an Internship Course or Project

参加秋季由某个部门提供的实习课程, spring, summer, or E-Term.


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    Handshake 专业的社交网站是专门针对大学生的吗. 学生可以找到实习和工作机会, get advice from other students, 建立一个可以吸引雇主的公众形象.  威尼斯安卓版的教师和员工已经审查和批准了数据库中超过3800个雇主.  All 威尼斯安卓版 students and alums can build a profile on Handshake and take advantage of the numerous resources available on the site.  

    How do I build my Handshake profile?   


    1. Activate your account. When you set up your account you will indicate your career interests and the term you are looking for an opportunity.
    2. Complete your profile. Students with completed profiles are five times more likely to receive messages from employers about specific jobs and internships.
    3. Engage the Handshake network. Use the Q&A feature, peer messaging, and reviews to solicit advice and gather information so you can make informed decisions.
    4. Review and update your profile. 如参加课外活动, complete internships, or gain new skills, 在你的个人资料中加入这些元素可以吸引雇主.
    5. Monitor your email. 握手会根据你的兴趣和活动向你发送有针对性的邮件, including internships, jobs, and events. 
    6. Apply for internships and jobs. Make the leap and apply!


    学生可以在任何一个学期在威尼斯安卓版实习.  在秋季和春季学期,学生通常每周实习10-15小时.  在夏季和探索学期,学生可以全职或兼职工作. Students can pursue an individualized learning contract to earn credit and gain valuable learning experience from their internship experience.  By receiving credit for the internship, the time spent at the agency and reflecting on the experiences at the worksite can be folded into your regular course load for a given term. 

    How do I get an internship?

    获得完美的实习机会并不遵循一个严格的线性过程:高效, you’ll need to keep your eyes and ears open to opportunities and regularly plan and connect with others. 你越早开始为你的实习做计划越好.  The main activities to landing an internship include: meeting with faculty and staff at 威尼斯安卓版 to get advice; scanning Handshake and your networks for opportunities; shaping your resume for specific positions and applying; and drafting the learning contract with your faculty sponsor.

    • Seek advice from faculty or staff. Make an appointment with staff in the Krulak Institute or Career Services to discuss your options and review your interests. 尽早与代表会面, 理想情况下,是在你希望获得实习机会之前的秋季或春季学期. 有些机会需要提前两个学期计划. 您可以使用握手安排会议. 
    • Scan for opportunities. Use your networks to identify options. Talk with faculty and staff at 威尼斯安卓版, people you have met in the community, 并花时间定期扫描握手数据库中的机会. Generate a list and make initial contact to inquire about application timelines or specific expectations for interns at the organization. Reviewing opportunities will help you clarify your interests and what you hope to gain from the internship experience.  
    • Shape your resume and apply. Update your resume and online profiles (e.g.强调你的技能、相关经验和抱负. 征求反馈意见并使用教程来建立一个强大的简介, 通过模拟面试和其他练习环节为面试做好准备. 根据具体的实习经历修改你的简历,然后申请.
    • Draft your learning contract. 与学院赞助人(以及你的实习地点)合作, 如果可能的话)为你的学习合同起草一份建议,这样你就可以获得学分. Your contract serves as the way to formalize your learning insights from the internship and ensures you earn academic credit for your work. 关于完成个性化学习合同的详细信息可以在这里找到 here.

    Enroll in an Internship Course or Project

    多个部门和办公室有定期, 正在进行的实习机会,你可以注册或申请.  很多这样的机会都是在常规学期提供的.  Some departments also offer internships opportunities during Exploration Term and the summer terms.  


    Opportunities that receive course credit will be listed as options in Self-Service as part of regular registration.  Other opportunities, 比如赫斯研究员倡导和反贫困实习项目, 会通过ENGAGE或其他渠道进行推广吗.  

    • Fall, Spring, Summer Term Courses. 以下院系在秋季开设实习课程, spring, and occasionally summer terms: Accounting, Architectural Studies, Business Administration, Media and Film Studies, and Urban Environmental Studies.  这些课程通常是课程表中的297或397号.  与各个部门核实清单. Once you enroll in the course, contact the professor and a representative from the Krulak Institute to determine your specific internship site.   
    • Exploration Term Projects. 其他院系和项目在探索学期提供实习机会. The Departments of History and Religion have both offered regular Exploration Term internship opportunities, 健康专业的学生有多种选择. Check the Exploration Term Bulletin for these and other opportunities; you can also talk with your advisor and other department representatives. Contact the professor and meet with a representative from the Krulak Institute to enroll.
    • Application-Only Internship Programs. The Krulak Institute offers the Hess Fellows Advocacy and Anti-Poverty Internships program.  该项目的申请将于11月开始.  Find additional information here.

    Information for Employers

    感谢您有兴趣接待理学士学生实习!  The easiest way to make your internship or job opportunities available to 威尼斯安卓版 students is through Handshake, an online networking website specifically geared towards college students and 威尼斯安卓版 students in particular.  To get started with Handshake, contact staff in the Krulak Institute or Career Services.  他们可以帮助你发展你的实习, developing a Handshake account, 在握手网站上发布你的工作或实习经历. 

    How do I get started?

    联系克鲁拉克研究所的工作人员,索取一份我们的雇主手册. In the meantime, here are a few general tips to keep in mind when developing your internship:

    • Use Handshake. All employers are encouraged to post on  Handshake. 联系威尼斯安卓版实习工作人员,收到一个建立您的帐户的链接.
    • Think about start time. In most cases, 获得学分的实习遵循威尼斯安卓版的学期:秋季学期, Exploration Term, spring term, and summer term. 你提供实习机会的最佳时间或期限是什么时候?
    • Consider the time commitment. 克鲁拉克学院鼓励学生通过实习获得学分. 学生可能能够工作的时间会因学期而异(见图表)。.   你理想的实习时间是每周多长时间? 


    Hours per Week

    Suggested Application Deadline

    Fall term (13 weeks)


    February or March

    Exploration Term (4 weeks)


    September or October

    Spring term (13 weeks)


    September or October

    Summer term (8-10 weeks)


    February or March

    • Make it interesting. 当实习任务包含复杂任务时,对学生更有吸引力, 通常是与专业人士合作.  The internship is a learning opportunity for students where they can learn more about your industry and professional area of work.  学生们会和你一起解决什么样的有挑战性的项目?

    Information for Faculty

    As a faculty member, 你可以通过以下两种方式提供实习机会:制定一个常规课程或项目, 或者为学生提供个性化的学习合同.  Internships provide students with a powerful way to extend their learning outside the classroom by working alongside practicing professionals.  


    • Identify the learning outcomes. 实习主要是学习经验. As such, start with the learning you want students to achieve as a result of their internship experience.  How will the internship extend and develop key concepts and practices in your areas of expertise? 
    • Locate internship sites. The Krulak institute staff can assist you and your students in identifying relevant internship sites given your learning outcomes and interests. 什么样的专业环境能提供你想要的见解?
    • Apply for funding. The Krulak Institute offers course development summer stipends for the development of internship courses. 教务处每年春天都发出征求建议书的请求.
    • Develop a proposal or contract. For courses, complete the C&S课程建议书和rise3指定表格.  For individualized student contracts, 您将与您的学生一起完成合同学习表, including rise3 designation.


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